Pedigree: Neumann's Unke Pedigree for Neumann's Unke

V-Iran vom Tannenkrug
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-2 Lbz a-normal ZW:84
SZ-1884242 ZL:V-A (sable)

SG-Condor von den Tonteichen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal ZW:85
DDR 170304 ZL:V-A(blk-br)
(Kör.5543/55 DDR)

V-AM CH-Neumann's Jim
SchH3 FH IPO1 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-144636 ZL:V-A (blk-br)

SG-Baffi von den Tonteichen
FH Kkl*a-normal
DDR-156130 ZL:XI-D (blk-gr)

SG-Inka vom Nebenryck
SchH2 Kkl* a-normal
DDR 158436 ZL:XI-E (sable)

V-Zorro vom Laager Wall
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-137140 ZL:XI-E (sable)

Fanny von Köster's Eck
SchH1 Kkl*a-zuerkannt
DDR-117756 ZL:XIII-A

SG Neumann's Sarah
SchH1 Kkl-2 a-fast normal
SZ 1918154 ZL:XIII-A (sable)

V Don vom Haus Iris
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 a-normal ZW:89
SZ-1801343 ZL:XIII-A (sable)

V-Alf vom Körnersee
SchH3 PSH1 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-132543 ZL:XIII-A (sable)

SG-Gabi von der alten Wassermühle
SchH3 Kkl-1 a-normal ZW:83
DDR-163797 ZL:V-A (sable)

Neumann's Libelle
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR 158318 ZL:XII (sable)

V-Mentor vom Haus Iris
SchH3 FH1 PSH2 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-118772 ZL:XII (sable)
Kör 6546/44

SG-Neumann's Janka
SchH2 Kkl* a-normal
DDR 144638 ZL:V-A (sable)

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BH, CGC a-Fast Normal, OFA Good  ZL:V-A
SZ-2066429  AKC DN05328301 UKC# P594-337
color genetics aw+as
Alt-Ostland is very proud to present the beautiful  Neumann's Unke, believed to be from Klaus Neumann's last breeding.  
Unke has an interesting pedigree, free of Sven and Tino  She is truly a beautiful female with good conformation, good movement and good bitework,  Unke is co-owned
with a friend, and has come to Alt-Ostland for her show titles.
Denton TX Nov 2009
On her first day of showing in the conformation ring ever, Unke made a big impression on the judges!
She went Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed twice, plus a Group 2 and a Group 3!
In her second day of showing Unke took another Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Group 2 to finish her UKC Championship!
Conroe Texas November 2009
Unke earned her UCI INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with three "V-1" ratings, and 2 Best of Breed.
Here are a few of the judges' comments:
Excellent breed specimen, good attitude, showy; good double coat, excellent texture; pleasing head - nicely planed, well balanced; correct scissor bite with full dentition;
dark, alert, expressive eyes; ercet ears, well set and carried; well developed deep chest; front is strong, straight with sound assembly and good bone; well angulated
rear - muscular and solid; topline firm and powerful with correct slope; Tail is good length, correctly set and carried; movement is clean coming and going, good action
and go-round.
Thanks to : INT/USA Judge Dr. Steve Keating ,  INT/USA Judge Jane Roppolo,  &  INT/USA Judge Juliann Kowalsky
V-AM CH-Neumann's Jim
SchH3 FH !PO1 Kkl-1 a-normal
V-Zorro v Laager Wall
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
V-Alf v Kornersee,
SchH3 PSH1 a-normal
SG-Condor vd Tonteichen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 a-normal
V-Don v Haus Iris
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 a-normal
V-Mentor v Haus Iris
SchH3 FH PSH2  a-normal
under esteemed Judge Fred Lanting, MR GSD