Do you have German papers that you cannot read?  Ever wondered what all that stuff means?
 I can translate the German Körbericht (Breed Survey report) to English for you.
Do you live in north/northeast Texas and need new photos of your dog(s)?  Ring Bling Photography may be your answer!  Contact me!
Do you have existing photographs that are too dark, too light, tilted, or have people or obstacles in the background you'd like to have
edited out so the focus of the photo is on the dog and not the eyesores in the photo? Just want the leash removed, or red-eye fixed?  
Would you like to have your photos labeled with your dog's name and titles??  I can fix that for you too.
I have numerous photo editing programs to make these changes possible.  I will not alter the dog and change its appearance, but I can often
alter the backgrounds to make for a much more pleasing  and less distracting portrait of your dog.  See some portrait samples below.  

I can coach you in taking better pictures of your dog, with recommendations on show-stacking, baiting, backdrop, lighting, angle, etc.
I can also design and maintain a website for you, and help you with custom graphics.  Whatever you need, just email and ask.
Do you need help with researching DDR ancestors?  I have been fortunate to obtain numerous old DDR pedigrees, Sieger Show programs, Körbuchs,
Vererbung/Nachzuchtbeurteilung, etc.  These are invaluable tools for pedigree research!
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