In my  never-ending search for more knowledge about DDR dogs,  I encountered a few roadblocks early on that sent me
searching for more data and explanations.  These include (but are not limited to) the following frequently asked questions:    

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What is DDR?
    a. Where was it?
    b. Where did it go?
    c.  How long was it in existence?
    d.  How/why are DDR dogs different from other German Shepherds?

What do all those letters before and after my dog's name mean?
    a. Before the name
        1. Show titles
        2. Conformation ratings
    b. After the name
        1. working/& performance titles
        2. hip and other health ratings
        3. registration number(s)
        4. bloodline/zuchtlinie
        5. breed surveys/scores

What is all this talk about Line 5, or Line 13 ???

What are color recessives, and how do they work?