Due to time constraints with my dog shows, my photography and Federal Laws, I will only have occasional litters.  
I breed for myself, first and foremost, when I am looking for a new prospect.  
Some of our beautiful dogs will therefore become available to select homes only.
PLEASE inquire with what you are looking for as far as color, sex, temperament and what activities you'll do with the dog.
If you are looking for a puppy, please let me know and I can help you find what you are looking for through  friends
throughout the country who are still breeding beautiful East German Shepherds.
This gorgeous boy is available to a non-breeding home, as he is not going to pass OFA.   One hip was very very nice, and the other had very slight subluxation (laxity).  The shape of
the femoral heads was very nice, sockets were deep enough, but it was my vet's opinion that since the hips were not the same, he would not pass OFA.  The xrays were not submitted.  
I raised Eric and Eros, with the intent to keep one and sell the other; and since Eros' hips look great, he will be staying with me.  Another one of their brothers had very nice hips and
the third brother has not been tested to my knowledge.  Eric is medium sized, with a social nature, and no formal training.
Pedigree info:  
abd now taking  2 deposits only for this long-anticipated
serious working homes only!
Doc von Benedict
OFA Good, Elbows/Cardiac normal
Una vom Alt-Ostland
S.T.A.R., CGC,  OFA Good,
Elbows/Cardiac normal
This pure East German litter is linebred 3-3 on on the beautiful V-Tinka vom Odland, 3-4 on V-Sven vom Grafental, and 4,5-5 on the great producer of working
dogs V-Don vom Haus Iris.  The sire is Eros vom Alt-Ostland, son of NATL/UKC CH Troas v Haus Cimmerian, and INT/UKC CH import dam Lucy vom
 Eros' side of the pedigree features BSP/LGA Competitor Muchta v Schwarzhorn. The dam is UKC CH Xienna vom Alt-Ostland, daughter of
INT/U-Grand CH import sire Henry vom Odland, and INT/UKC CH import dam Salina vd Eichendorfschule
.   Xienna's side of the pedigree is loaded up:  
Her paternal grandsire is BSP/LGA Competitor Nando vd Gnitzer Hohen, while her dam's line goes to Multi LGA Competitor Brain vd Sperlingsbucht,  
(whose dam and granddam were both BSP/LGA competitors), LGA-Brando vd Marderklause, son of BSP/LGA/DDR-MS competitor Irko v Peri-hof  (son of
the incomparable multi DDR-MS Sieger and Europasieger Lord v Gleisdreieck (Salina's granddam Illa vd Mittelhauser Flur was linebred 4-4 on Lord); plus
LGA Competitor Dargo vd Thüringer Kronjuwelen.  We are expecting superb structure to support super sound movement, richly pigmented sables and solid
blacks, with unlimited working potential.  
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on  this breeding
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BORN 10-30-2014
This gorgeous 3-yr old East German import is also available to a non-breeding home, as he is not going to pass OFA.    Hero is a large black and red boy, which is almost unheard o
f in pure East German lines
, with a social nature, and no formal training.
ere is Hero's page: www.ddr-k9.com/hero.html